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Andre Smith

I was born in the United States. I spent most of my life as a student athlete that loved to compete. After high school I decided to serve my country in the Army as a Military Policeman . I’ve traveled all across the world including Asia, Europe  and the Middle East. I’ve served through three different Military Operations in which I was awarded a Bronze Star after completion of my last deployment.  I started competing in 2014 where I won the titles “Mr. Fort Benning” and “Mr. Alabama.” In 2015 I was awarded my Professional card by winning my class at NPC Nationals.  Shortly after winning my pro card, I went on to place top 5 in 3 different IFBB shows.

  • 2014 City of Champions- 1st Place
  • 2014 Clash at the Capstone- 1st Place
  • 2014 Body Be 1 Classic- 1st Place
  • 2014 Alabama State Championship- 1st Place
  • 2015 Clash at the Capstone- 1st Place
  • 2015 NPC Nationals(Miami)- 1st Place
  • 2016 Karina Nascimento Classic- 5th Place
  • 2016 Grand Prix(Culver City)- 5th place
  • 2016 Asia Gran Prix- 4th place
  • 2016 Bahia State Champion
  • Top 3 in the 2016 Brazilian Championship

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