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Carla Prata



Carla Prata

Carla Prata began her artistic career in 2007 as a dancer on Faustão’s Sunday TV show. During her journey, she has become an internationally recognized reporter and has held several jobs as a photographic model. During Carnival, she has been a “muse” and drum queen for important São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro samba schools such as Rio Grande, Vila Isabel, Rocinha and Gaviões da Fiel. In the fitness world, this model won first place in Mr. Rio 2014, competing in the Wellness category. She lifts weights, does functional training in the sand, and pole dancing; she shares her beauty and health routine on social networks.

  • Fitness Model
  • Dancer
  • Drum Queen and "muse" for important Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo samba schools
  • 1st place in Mr. Rio 2014 competition


  • Age

    35 years
  • Weight

  • Height

    62 kg (136 lbs.)
  • Athlete

    Fitness Model
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