Eric Wildberger

Eric Wildberger



Eric Wildberger

Eric started working out at age 17 and began devoting himself to bodybuilding two years later. At age 20 he participated in his first competition in the Classic Bodybuilding category and placed in the top 6 in the State Championship. He switched to the Men’s Physique category at age 22, and since then he has won major titles in his career. This athlete is also studying Nutrition at the university.

  • 2015 Overall Iron Man Champion
  • 2015 Southern Brazilian Champion
  • 2016 Bahia State Champion
  • Top 3 in the 2016 Brazilian Championship


  • Age

    23 years
  • Weight

    93 kg (206 lbs.)
  • Height

    1.87 m (6' 2")
  • Athlete

    IFBB Athlete
"Bodybuilding is the only sport where you are both the art and the artist at the same time. How can you not love it?”
Frase - Eric Wildberger

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