Fernando Nazário

Fernando Nazário



Fernando Nazário

Fernando Nazário has been a university professor for 10 years. With a master’s in Physical Education, he has been a fitness coach since 2012 and a science fitness club personal trainer. He has participated in adventure racing world championships and since 2009 has won several titles in Brazil. Fernando has also competed in the Patagonian Expedition Race – one of the toughest adventure race competitions in the world – for two consecutive years. In 2014, the ultramarathoner began his career in the mountains.

  • Overall champion of the 1st Ultra Trail at Torres del Paine in 2014
  • Overall champion of the 2015 Ultra Fiord 114km race
  • Overall runner-up in the 100 km Ultra Fiord
  • Overall champion in the Ultra Trail at Torres del Paine, Chile


  • Age

    35 years
  • Weight

    69 kg (152 lbs.)
  • Height

    1.76 m (5' 9")
  • Athlete

"Prosper. Don't be afraid to fail, but be prepared for it. Live, get out there, and run!”
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