Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira – Minotauro – is one of the greatest representatives of Brazilian martial arts. An ex-figher, he is the only one in history who was heavyweight champion in both the UFC and Pride. He also collected the titles of King of Kings champion (2000) and World Extreme Fighting champion (1999). Today he is in the UFC Hall of Fame.

  • Interim Champion of the UFC Heavyweight Championship in 2008
  • Champion of the PRIDE FC Heavyweight Championship 2001 - 2003
  • Champion of the Rings: King of Kings Tournament 2000


  • Age

    40 years
  • Weight

    108 kg (238 lbs.)
  • Height

    1.91m (6' 3")
  • Athlete

    MMA fighter
"I found that my potential is greater than I ever imagined. Focus, discipline and supplementation - that is the best road to success.”
Frase - Minotauro

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