Mr. Olympia 2018

Mr. Olympia 2018 was such a great success! Midway Labs USA as the presenting and leading sponsor has had so much fun and are thankful to David Pecker, CEO of AMI for putting on such a wonderful event! We are so glad we could share both of our lines, @militarytrailus and @glamournutrition with you all! We are also so proud of our athletes, and @flexatronrhoden for this amazing victory! Our CEO, Wilton Colle, and VP, Catherine Colle, awarded Shawn Rhoden with this award! Now the countdown is on for 2019!  #teammidway #buildyourself#bodybuilding #mrolympia#mrolympia2018 #lasvegas #fitness

Also WE ARE SO PROUD OF @daniyounan_ifbbpro! He placed SIXTH in this years Mr. Olympia! So amazing and such a great accomplishment! We are so glad to be able to support him in this journey and can’t wait to see what else he accomplishes in the future!  #TeamMidway #BuildYourself #MrOlympia#MrOlympia2018 #IFBBpro