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September 21, 2017

Smilax officinalis radix is used in traditional medicine for many years. It is a rich source of active ingredients (phytosterols and steroidal saponins – parillin, sarsaponin) showing anti-inflammatory properties.

Smilax Officinalis mimics the action of testosterone (classified as aphrodisiacs) and intensify anabolic processes. It is slightly diuretic and protectively on the liver. It is a component of herbal products supporting the production of testosterone and enhancing sexual performance. Smilax is known to increase metabolism in the body and improve performance in athletes. Research suggests that saponins and plant steroids found within Smilax Officinalis might help mimic the effects of natural reproductive hormones and growth steroids, including estrogen and testosterone. The plant itself does not contain growth hormones but can help regulate hormone production by reducing inflammation and improving liver function. Some even call saponins “natural steroids” for their ability to help lower symptoms of menopause and aging. Other herbal remedies containing saponins, such as fenugreek, are commonly used to reduce effects due to declining reproductive hormones, such as weight gain, impotence, loss of muscle mass, weakening bones and other side effects.