Men’s Physique Competitor

2014 City of Champions- 1st Place
2014 Clash at the Capstone- 1st Place
2014 Body Be 1 Classic- 1st Place
2014 Alabama State Championship- 1st Place
2015 Clash at the Capstone- 1st Place
2015 NPC Nationals(Miami)- 1st Place
2016 Karina Nascimento Classic- 5th Place
2016 Grand Prix(Culver City)- 5th place
2016 Asia Gran Prix- 4th place
2016 Bahia State Champion
Top 3 in the 2016 Brazilian Championship


Andre Smith was born in the United States. He loved to compete when he was youjng, and spent most of his school years playing sports. After high school Andre decided to serve his country in the Army as a Military Policeman. Andrea has traveled all across the world, including Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He has served through three different Military Operations in which I was awarded a Bronze Star after completion of his last deployment.
Andrea started competing in 2014, when he won the titles Mr. Fort Benning and Mr. Alabama. In 2015, Andre was awarded his Professional card by winning his class at the NPC Nationals. Shortly after winning his pro card, Andre went on to place top five in three different IFBB shows.

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