Personal Trainer
Co-Founder of Unchained Physiques
CEO aXethetic physiques LLC


Axel Alcarez Jr. is a United States Marines Veteran with five years of active duty in security forces and Infantry, as well as a certified personal trainer. He is the CEO of aXethetic physiques LLC online coaching, contest preparation and personal training, with the ultimate goal of opening his own gym someday.
During his last year in the military Axel finally made his decision to compete. When he first started competing, he was still living in the barracks, which had no kitchen - just a microwave and mini-fridge. He had to adapt and overcome this situation in order to make his goals and dream come true, becoming an IFBB PROFESSIONAL athlete.
His first show was the NPC John Lindsay Productions San Diego Championships, March 2014, where I took overall novice and 1st place open. This was followed by the NPC LA Championships, where he took the 1st place open, followed by the USAs in Las Vegas a week after in July 2014, where he earned my IFBB PRO card. His goal is to make it to the Olympia, while continuing to improve upon his physique and an all-around athlete.

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