IFBB Brasil Paran√°

Midway Labs sponsored the IFBB Championships that are selective for the Brazilian Championship and for the Arnold Class Brazil. There were four championships that took place. Two in Curitiba City, one in Cascavel and one in Maringá city. The directors of the IFBB Paraná, are thankful for the event being sponsored and supported by Midway Labs.

Check out the pictures below of the contestants and winners…

Midway Labs Sponsor IFBB Paraná Brasil

Midway Labs Sponsor IFBB Paraná Brasil

Overall Bikini Winner at IFBB Paraná

Midway Labs Sponsor IFBB Paraná Brasil

Overall trophies for IFBB Paraná

Dani Tayla at the IFBB Paraná

“I’m happy to be part of IFBB. This year we had a participation of more than over 500 athletes and the average public of over two thousand people. With the great mission to develop the sport not only the bodybuilding aspect, but to propagate the benefits of the physical activity for the health and well being. Being supported by a large company like Midway Labs, has made all the difference in our events not only financially, but also to bring credibility to the federation a company like the midway that fulfills its responsibilities with its clients in delivering quality products” – Garbiel Marrom (a director of the IFBB Paraná)

Gabriel Marrom, A director of IFBB Paraná Brasil

Jason Marrom and Adriano de Paula receiving award

Midway Labs Sponsor IFBB Paraná Brasil

Congratulations to all the winners of the IFBB Paraná Brasil competition. We are proud to sponsor this fantastic event where more than five hundred athletes participated. We would like to also send out a big congrats to all the participants for being so dedicated and hardworking.