A recently published study in the Journal Antioxidants bring new findings about the role of Taurine in the post exercise period.

Intense exercise is known to bring about microstructural damage to muscle, initiating an inflammatory cascade involving various reactive oxygen species. This, in turn, can significantly impair physical performance over subsequent days.

Taurine, a powerful endogenous antioxidant, has previously been shown to have a beneficial effect on muscle damage markers and recovery when taken for a few days to several weeks prior to eccentric exercise. However, to date no studies have looked at the effects of supplementing over the days following intense exercise on performance recovery.

Thus, this study aimed to determine whether supplementing with taurine over three days following intense exercise attenuated the inflammatory process and improved performance recovery.

Following an intense exercise, participants were supplemented with 0.1 g∙kg−1 body weight∙day−1 of either taurine or a placebo control.

They also continued to consume the capsules in the morning and evening. The findings suggest that taurinesupplementation taken twice daily for 72hrs, following exercise-induced muscle damage may help improve performance recovery.


Antioxidants 20176(4), 79